When the world closes in

Meeting in communities, not top leadership dependent, our people were ready.  They know being the church is simple.

We live this way, every week. We take a scripture and discuss it.  No fancy stuff.  We talk about how we can love others and reach them for Jesus. We worship and pray. We listen to God for what He is saying to us. There are no big shots.  No preachers.  All of us have something to offer.  Kids and adults contributing to understand what God is showing us about living for Him.

So when Covid restricted gatherings, we were not restricted. No!  Our churches that are already there in the community, multiplied further into micro-churches.  Every day, hundreds upon hundreds of texts go out around our network, all over the island. Every day or night, people are gathering in their simple homes with those close to them to be with Jesus.  Men who had no relationship with God, now found reading and reading His word.  Husbands who had taken a back seat now leading their families at night.  

We keep receiving reports of what God is doing.  Many of our people who have received relief from us have been giving it away, despite their own need.  Jesus shines in the darkness!  Completely new geographical areas have begun meeting together to discover Jesus in the bible because our members have forwarded texts to their families and friends. Couples are sharing what God is showing them together.  Nieces and nephews are coming to Jesus. Prodigals are coming home. Children are praying and sharing.  There are deep and special times in God’s presence.  

So when the world closes in, God breaks out!

No lockdown for God!  

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