Healed and free!

“It’s so heavy” she sighed as she straggled along behind her parents with her two younger sisters. They were looking for shelter yet again. Jealously she gazed at the children playing.  Her life had no such luxury.  Often hungry, and with her parents often sick, Mila and her siblings spent their young years moving from place to place, looking for work and sleeping where they could.  Unable to continue school past elementary, she married at 16 hoping for a brighter future. It was not to be.  The marriage was very difficult and there was tremendous heartbreak.  

After the death of her husband, Mila fell, ending up bedridden and unable to move without pain. Hopeless, lonely, discouraged and feeling forgotten. Months went by and continued into years. Night after night, she cried in pain.  Her family had to carry her up the bank to the road where she could get public transport.  Walking was difficult but she would try to press through. Today she would go to the local park. She needed strength and she needed healing. She heard that His Heart Ministries was there.  

Arriving at the park, she saw a mixture of people from different walks of life. The street kid, the drunk man, the mentally ill woman, the vendors, the grandmothers.  All gathering together.  There were big pots of food and hot coffee being given out.  There were hugs and smiles.  Worship music was permeating the atmosphere.  
A young team member, Chrismay approached her with a radiant smile and a beautiful confidence in Jesus.  Seeing her pain, she placed her hand on Mila and prayed for her.

Something shifted but Mila was yet to grasp it.

Next week, again Mila came to street church, and so it continued every week receiving prayer.  Until one day, after years of agony she came to a night of worship and decided that she would not ride the jeep home but walk with her grandson. It was at that point, she realized she had been healed!  

Released from the pain in her heart and the pain in her body, she surrendered all to Jesus.  
Joy came.  Freedom came.

She walks straight. She climbs mountains.  
And now leads many churches!

Thank you Jesus!

PS.  Mila is an artisan in our livelihood project, which helps her raise her grandchildren.  
Visit our store to see some of the beautiful things she makes.

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