Little girl gives away her food

A simple house, tired and falling. Bare dirt floor.

Smoke fills the small room, that Colyn lives in with her grandfather and blind grandmother. Pot on the fire, the rice begins to cook. There are no frills here. To have food for the day is luxury enough. Life is hard. She has responsibilities most children her age don’t have. As well as leading her grandmother whenever she needs to go out she helps with the cooking, cleaning, and hand-washing clothes. Despite this, she has made it to the end of grade 6 and was about to graduate Elementary school. As one of our sponsored kids, we were able to pay her fees and buy her stationery. She's a member of the house church in her village and came weekly to the kids club after school. She was so excited for the special graduation treat we had planned. But the world changed. A hard life, becoming harder.


Waiting by the roadside, mask slipping off her little face, she stood with others watching in anticipation for the His Heart van. We were carrying relief for families. Rice, canned goods, noodles & mung beans. With smiling eyes, she lifted the heavy bag on her head like a true professional and off she went.

A few days later, overflowing with joy, she called one of our coaches.   She could hardly contain herself!
She had decided to share the food they had received with their neighbors, despite them being jealous of her receiving help from us.  From that day on, the blessings were continuous.  After sharing their food, they received funds from the community meaning they could buy rice and other groceries.  Then, the groceries they had just bought were doubled again because they were given more rice and canned goods!  

“It’s true; when we share, we receive an even greater blessing”. – Colyn, 12 years.

Thank you to all of you who share so generously like Colyn.  Because of this, we were able to give and the gift goes on.  😊

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