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Nervously, they sit in a circle wondering what is next.  Coming from different parts of the city or even travelling from hours away, most of them do not yet know each other.  We begin with worship and introductions.  These are our amazing ones who have said yes to train as a house church leader.  They love Jesus with the whole hearts and want to be part of leading and planting churches here in the Philippines.  

What does it take to lead a church? Well, it’s simple.  Love God.  Love People.

If we love Him, we reflect Him as He transforms and changes us.  If we love Him we live our lives from that love and follow Him.  And in doing that, love others and we make disciples as He told us to.

We are so excited that this year we have trained more leaders than any other year before!  God has been answering our prayers!

The youngest of our leaders is 14 years old.  A wonderful young boy, with a God given authority and tender heart. He shared at the end of the training how he had often felt invisible and unnoticed in the past.  He had done things outside of God’s will because he thought his life was of no importance.  But God had shown him how valuable he is and his impact on others. He had a fresh sense of his importance in God’s plan and an excitement to lead.  Partnering with an experienced leader, he started immediately that Sunday. Every Thursday after school he arrives at leaders meeting with his backpack on. Hungry to know more and be more effective in his leadership. God is raising up incredible people to carry this beautiful news of God’s love all over this nation.  

After two days of training these new students are now best of friends.  The nervousness is gone and the expectation they have of all God has ahead of them is palpable.  And so we send them out to lead and make disciples.  What joy!  God is so good in raising up more and more workers for the harvest.  We are praying for more!  Thank you for praying with us.

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