One meal at a time

A few metres away, his hand clasped around a pole, he spun around and around.  Over-sized pants, little legs, big eyes, he shyly watched us.  Around he goes again. Excitedly kids sat waiting. Not everyone was there yet. The teacher in charge was counting heads and checking the list. And at last, we could start. It was the first day of our new feeding program in a new school and these children had been chosen to be part of it. They are kids from disadvantaged homes and they need lunch. Most likely, they need more than that.

Twice a week the children will receive a hot rice meal with a good amount of protein and a piece of fruit. But even better, our team will visit their homes once a month at which time we will give extra food for the family and support in life.

The good news of Jesus is holistic. He cares about every part of our lives and we are excited to make friends with these families and help them in whatever way we are able.

We hand out the boxes jam-packed with a hot meal, prepared at our centre. Their faces say it all. All the children get their meal and there’s one box left on the table. I look across to our little guy turning in circles and we asked if he would like to eat. His face lit up.  Taking the lunchbox carefully in two hands he walked away proudly balancing his banana on top.  

This is a small thing.  Yes, I agree.  

But God takes the small and makes them big.
We have learnt we cannot for a moment, underestimate the small.
The hug.  The smile.  The meal.  The prayer.

And so, one meal at a time, one family at a time, we carry hope and love to Baguio.

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