School Feeding

Twice a week more than 100 children in 5 schools receive a nutrious, generous rice meal.

Many have stories that would break your heart but it's the greatest thing seeing them run to where we serve food with smiles on their faces and watch they receive the love and nourishment they deserve.  As well as this, the families are visited in their homes once a month, with food or help for the family.

These are the most vulnerable kids in poor communities and many are malnourished.   It's difficult to concentrate in school and thrive if you are hungry and many of these are "At-risk" for life on the streets.  Sometimes children drop out of school because the parents simply cannot afford for them to be there (part of the cost being to send them to school with food).

A team mothers go to serve these meals with love, encouraging the children who have a hard time and aid the families in being able to afford to keep their children in school.

Our dream is for more meals, in more schools, more smiles and more love.

Our Ministries

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Provincial Ministry

Knowing God's heart for the lost we go wherever he leads, into tribal areas, rural communities and far away places, making disciples and planting churches as we go.
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School Sponsorship

His Heart Ministries endeavours to show the love of the Father to the poorest of the poor, and those that are hurting and broken.
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Above Rubies - Livelihood Project

Above Rubies is a livelihood project created to help widows and single mothers.

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