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School Sponsorship Program

School Sponsorship Program

His Heart Ministries endeavours to show the love of the Father to the poorest of the poor, and those that are hurting and broken. One of the ways we do this is by school sponsorship for Elementary and High School Students. The students we sponsor come from homes where going school is not an option or places extreme stress on the family.


This is a great way to show love. Many of the parents are amazed that someone would care for their children enough to sponsor them. The generosity of donors impacts the lives of the children in a multi-faceted way.


The cost for the year is $NZ300 ($25 a month) or $US240 ($20 a month). The school year starts in June and we look for sponsors every year around March.


This amount can be given as a one-off donation or in monthly amounts.

So what does the child receive? The cost of sponsorship includes school materials, school fees, school bag, school shoes and quarterly fun afternoons - parties/outings. This also includes spiritual enrichment, medical assistance and a project & clothing allowance. Additionally there is an after-school Jesus club for Elementary students and a reading club (both held once a week).  The kids LOVE to read!  For high-schoolers, we have youth night where they join with other young people to enjoy God.


The whole family is shown love and support, through visiting and quarterly family life/parenting afternoons. 


Sponsoring a child really does make a difference.  Thank you for your love.


For more information email give@hisheart.org.nz or go to our Giving Centre.

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