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Kids Testimonies

Every year children get impacted by the love and power of God at our Touching Heaven Conferences.


Two conferences were held in New Zealand in July 2012.

Below we have posted some of the testimonies from the children aged 8-13 years. We are continuing to hear great reports of fruit in this children's lives and impact upon churches and children's ministries.  God is so good!  

We are looking forward to adding many more, from our upcoming conference in July 2018!

  • Beautiful reports from the Kids at Touching Heaven Auckland 2012

    I didn't know we kids can heal people   In worship God poured out the Holy Spirit over my heart and it felt all warm.    I enjoyed playing with people I didn't know before and experiencing things I had never experienced before like praying for someone and having the miracle happen straight ...

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  • A few testimonies from Touching Heaven in Hastings

    This week I learnt that God can speak to you in heaps of ways. I also learnt that he can make almost anything happen like healing the sick and things.   He made me happy and I had lots of fun. I got healed in my leg and did some cool art.   He helped me overcome my fears because I used to be shy ...

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  • More Testimonies from Kids at Touching Heaven 2011

    God helped me with some problems and he healed me and now I know he always loves everyone.  He taught me how to love people and love God.   God helped me today and healed me and also taught me how to speak in tongues. I have learnt so much more about you Lord.   I like how everyone has been kind ...

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  • Testimonies from July 2011

    God touched me on Friday night for the first time in my life. He put his warm arms around me and said you are protected. I put my hands up and praised him last night. Me and my cousin went up to the front and started to pray, lift our hands, and pray in tongues and sing to Him. God gave me a ...

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